Purple Monkeys

If you think you have a lot of free time, you should meet some of my friends and me. My friend, Isa, and I have made god knows how many web pages about seagulls, sheep, mars, insomnia, and the randomness of us. Now I have decided (with perhaps some help from Isa or others if they don't think I'm too insane) to write a story tossed together from random bits and pieces of our dreams. If we were "normal" people, we probably wouldn't have enough random things happening in our dreams to make it into a story, but since we are definitely not normal, I think it might work. I don't know how good the story will turn out to be though...hehe.

A Little About the Story
I'm not very good at thinking up plots, but I had a random dream last night that included purple monkeys, so I am going to find a way to write a story about the quest for the purple monkeys. (Told you I had random dreams...and that's not even THAT random for me...) Anyway, I'm going to talk to my friend and see if she wants to help me because I know she has a lot of random dreams, thoughts, and ideas just like me! (Yes...I would be scared too...hehe).

Ica's Email

I'll put Isa's email on here now even though she hasn't told me yet whether she wants to help. Go ahead and feel free to email her and annoy her. Go on! She'll love it!
Isa's Email