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Just to let you know a little about where they all live...

The Planet They Live On
The characters in this story all live on the planet Cricket. Cricket is a giant cat that orbits a huge block of cheese (You see, the only reason Cricket's orbiting a block of cheese is because a giant mouse is also orbiting the cheese. Cricket is trying to get the mouse, and it's the mouse that's trying to get the cheese). Anyway, both Cricket and the mouse ate the previous planets they inhabited, and so therefore, they had to BECOME the new planets.

Plant Life
The two main types of trees on Cricket are PomPom Trees and Coconut Trees. PomPom Trees are short little trees with pink or purple pompom shaped fruits, and Coconut Trees..well..hopefully you know what coconuts are.

Animal Life
Some of the main animal types are: sheep (the main choice for riding animals), pandas (animals held sacred by believers of Frank T. Dougford), deer (which live off the fire "snow"), cats (since they frequently fall from the sky during stroms), and hamsters (which is the main source of power). Of course there are many other animal types, but it would take too long to name them all.

Weather Types
Cricket weather is slightly different than the weather we are used to. For "rain", cats come pouring down. If it's "snowing", well, then fire is falling from the sky; sometimes it burns, and sometimes it doesn't depending on Frank T. Dougford's mood. There are both hot and cold days; hot being more frequent however. The closest thing to clouds are flying pigs.

Water on Cricket?
Instead of water, Planet Cricket is made up of bodies of cream soda, with an occassional lemonade pond.

Power Source
Cricket's main source of power is hamsters. Not many people know this, but when hamsters run in their little wheels, it generates a huge source of power.