Hopefully we'll be able to squeeze them all in somehow...

Jaclyn: The 5th generation from a line of sheep farmers in her family. Unlike other sheep farms though, hers produces unique magical sheep. She's deeply in love with all of her wooly friends, until that one day when they turn on her...
Isa: She created the mythical beast the pink chiow (Part chicken and part cow. The pinkness was a mutation that was caught too late...) Fearer of both clowns and M&Ms and lover of pasteurized cheese products.
Ica: An insane pyromaniac that lives only off of caffiene.
James: A duck with a flaming sword.
Mackenzie: A special "Riding Snake" that is the pet of James. Like all of her kind, she is a vegetarian.
Tim: A mobster who's a fanatic of the raven. Wrote his own bible that he frequently quotes.
Brian: A small black sheep of Jaclyn's (that doesn't turn on her) with a big "MEOW!"
Fluffy: Isa's pink pet fish that she walks on a leash. His diet only includes chicken, and he is able to turn anything into peanut butter.
Pot-Shot Paco (Hey You #1): Self-explanitory...I hope.
Shotgun Steve (Hey You #2): A friend of Pot Shot Paco...also self-explanitory.
Jon: The king of the nonexistent faeries.
Dana: She has the power to control manatees.

Spot: A brown dog who frequently falls from the sky, dies, and then is teleported back up.

Draper: An insane rollerblading clown that escaped from the psychiatric ward and frequently tries to kill Isa with a knife.
M&Ms: Umm...they're just insane M&Ms that try to kill everyone.
Jaclyn's Magic Sheep: They eventually turn on her in the story, and frequently try to take over the world.
Erik: An evil scientist who randomly blows up peoples' back yards.

Belvoo: A raven god who helps/hurts only if it will humor him.
Nick: A seagull god.
Pikachu: The god of pasteurized cheese products.
Frank T. Dougford: The god of all gods whom we worship from the unholy garbage can.

She Devil's Lair